AdamsN {Congregational}- Various treatises


12 treatises on different subjects: Worldiness, Duty to congregate, Duty to pray, revivals, divine sovereignty, duty to witness, duty to observe the Sabbath, Power and office of Holy Spirit, power of Prayer, Spread of Gospel.

AIM: Congregationalist, Nehemiah Adams.
CIM: Anthology.
Version: 1.1 June 9, 2014


1. Dissimive Counsel and their Decision
2. Christian Reconsecration by Alden
3. The Worldiness of Nominal Christian by Webb
4. Duty of Christians to Unite with Some Church and Unite where they statredly Worship by Fay
5. Duty of Daily Secret Prayer and Daily Study of Bible by Manning
6. Revivals of Religion by Todd
7. Divine Sovereignty in Human Salvation by Baker
8. Christian’s Duty to Work for Saving of Souls by Bingham
9. Duty of a More Strict Observance of Sabbath by Blagden
10. Power and Office of the Holy Spirit by Adams
11. Power of Prayer by Kirk
12. Spread of Gospel in City among Poor and Those who habitually Neglect the Sanctuary

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