Adeney {Congregationalist}- Men of the Bible; Some Lesser-Known Characters


This work of 20 chapters examines men in Scripture as character studies.

Note that I have added all the “mentions” (Bible references) of each of the persons in this work, as well as linking all the Bible dictionary entries under the mentions. Additionally, the CIM: Bible Characters will have links to all the chapters of books in the library for this work (each person is already in the CIM Bible Characters, and I have started accumulating back links to these Bible characters mentioned in other works. So click on the CIM link (you must purchase that module too), and then you can see all the chapters in the library that have that person’s name in the topic title. You can also read, jump to that particular chapter, etc from the CIM page.


E-sword (esword) module also available for this work

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Adeney, Walter F  - Men Of The Bible
Adeney, Walter F - Men Of The Bible
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  1. This is a good reference work, although there may be better ones out there. The scholarship of these men is very high, so this work is not something to pass over lightly.

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