Greenfield {Pentecostal}- Power from on High (Revival)

Greenfield {Pentecostal}- Power from on High (Revival)

Topic: Greenfield – Power from on High (Revival)
By David Cox

Summary of Power from on High

This work is about the Great Moravian Revival of 1727. The author is Pentecostal, and projects this revival as starting in 1727 and continuing until the present (in the Pentecostal movement).

Contents of Power from on High

1. A Modern Pentecost
2. When the Spirit Came
3. The Spirit’s Witness
4. Witnesses Unto Me
5. A New Song
6. Fruit that Abides
7. Renew Our Days

Although in general, I do not recommend Pentecostal works much, my reasoning is that in works like this in which they try to justify their movement’s existence by recasting things in history, and this is basically just not acceptable. If you are a student of church history, then this is a good read. Otherwise, probably only Pentecostals would like this work.

I think that it is just unjustified to recast Bible events in order to make the modern Pentecostal movement. Although the coming of the Holy Spirit did start on the day of Pentecost, the speaking in tongues ceased way before the New Testament canon was closed, and basically, we do not see a continuance nor importance in speaking in tongues in the books of the New Testament written after 1 Corinthians. In fact, we do not see it even in Second Corinthians. Their (the Pentecostal) emphasis on what was not mentioned in the church epistles means that they have to explain why their principal emphasis or emphases are not replicated in these latter books. The question remains after many explanations by the Pentecostals.

The most sensible and sound hermeneutical position is that like Paul said, speaking in tongues ceased.

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