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Unitarian-Universalist Authors

AIM (Affiliation Index Module)

This work is an index or registry of all works by Unitarian-Universalist Authors in our library. It is organized by author last name. Additionally there is material on the general area of Unitarian-Universalist , as well as pertinent doctrinal observations about this group. Some authors and/or works  have more detailed information about them.

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This is a registry listing of all our authors in this group, along with Biographical data, complete listing of their works (as I can find it on the Internet), and additional material on the general group. I seek to define the general group’s teachings, beliefs, and doctrines, as well as identify subgroups within this main group, such as Episcopalians as a part of Anglicanism. Note: The purchase link below will only buy you the AIM, described above. No other actual modules are included in this purchase.


Note: Below is a listing of all our Anglican works in our library (free or premium). This list only links to the post here on our website. Below that is a purchase listing of premium modules for purchase, which is a quick purchase option for quickly purchasing all or any of the modules in this group.

Library Listing of Unitarian-Universalist Works in Our Library

Below  is a listing of all Unitarian-Universalist Authors in the library.

Listing of Premium Unitarian-Universalist Modules

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