Westminster Confession of Faith

The Westminster Confession with Shorter and Larger Catechisms

The Humble ADVICE of the ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES, Now by Authority of Parliament sitting at Westminster, Concerning A Confession of Faith: With the QUOTATIONS and TEXTS of SCRIPTURE annexed Presented by them lately to both Houses of Parliament.


Chapter I: Of the Holy Scripture
Chapter II: Of God, and of the Holy Trinity
Chapter III: Of God’s Eternal Decree
Chapter IV: Of Creation
Chapter V: Of Providence
Chapter VI: Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and of the Punishment Thereof
Chapter VII: Of God’s Covenant with Man
Chapter VIII: Of Christ the Mediator
Chapter IX: Of Free Will
Chapter X: Of Effectual Calling
Chapter XI: Of Justification
Chapter XII: Of Adoption
Chapter XIII: Of Sanctification
Chapter XIV: Of Saving Faith
Chapter XV: Of Repentance
Chapter XVI: Of Good Works
Chapter XVII: Of the Perseverance of the Saints
Chapter XVIII: Of Assurance of Grace and Salvation
Chapter XIX: Of the Law of God
Chapter XX: Of Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience
Chapter XXI: Of Religious Worship, and the Sabbath Day
Chapter XXII: Of Lawful Oaths and Vows
Chapter XXIII: Of the Civil Magistrate
Chapter XXIV: Of Marriage and Divorce
Chapter XXV: Of the Church
Chapter XXVI: Of the Communion of the Saints
Chapter XXVII: Of the Sacraments
Chapter XXVIII: Of Baptism
Chapter XXIX: Of the Lord’s Supper
Chapter XXX: Of Church Censures
Chapter XXXI: Of Synods and Councils
Chapter XXXII: Of the State of Men After Death, and of the Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter XXXIII: Of the Last Judgment

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Anonymous - Westminster Confession Gbk
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Anonymous - Westminster Confession
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