Austin-Sparks, T. – God’s Reactions to Man’s Defections – Part 1, Part 2

God’s Reactions to Man’s Defections

by T. Austin-Sparks

In this two-book work (part 1 and part 2) on God’s Reactions to Man’s Defection, Austin-Sparks looks at man’s defections or sin.

AIM: Methodist, Deeper Life.
CIM: Harmatiology, Registry.
Version: October 3, 2014
God’s Reactions to Man’s Defection


Chapter 1 – The New Thing Which is Old
General Survey
Chapter 2 – The New Cruse
The Lord Jesus Himself – The Lord’s Present Need
Chapter 3 – The New Cruse (continued)
Relative and Representative Ministry – A Satanic Master-stroke – Causes and Precautions
Chapter 4 – The Overcomer
Harbingers in Every Sphere – The House of God and the City of God – Two Worships – The Depth of Calvary – The Supreme Effort of Satan
Chapter 5 – The Altar, The House, The Name
The Altar and the Blood – The Meaning of the Blood – The Holiness of the Blood – The Shedding and Sprinkling of the Blood – The Incorruptibility of the Blood
Chapter 6 – The Testimony of the Blood (continued)
The Divine Seed in Prosperity and Sovereignty – An Elect in Bondage
Chapter 7 – “A Candlestick all of Gold”
An Angel Talking – What is God Saying Today? – “Behold, A Candlestick all of Gold” – The Instrument of the Testimony in the House of God – Absolutely According to God – The Two Olive Trees and the Two Anointed Ones – The Great Mountain – The Day of Small Things
Chapter 8 – Gather My Saints Together
The Participants in the Gathering – The Nature of the Gathering


Austin-Sparks, from T. – God’s Reactions to Man’s Defections – Part 1, Part 2

Chapter 1 – The Reinforcement of Spirituality
The Corner Boards of the Tabernacle – Paul’s Letters to Timothy: A Critical Point – Christianity Wholly Spiritual – Spirituality must be Recovered or Reinforced – Spiritual Strength of Christianity at the Beginning – A Dispensational Crisis – Imminent Departure of Paul – Secession from Paul – Spiritual Decline
Chapter 2 – The Divine Reaction
Peril of Moral Laxity – Becoming Behaviour and Apparel in the House of God – Beginnings of Formalism, Institutionalism, Ecclesiasticism, in the Church – Responsible Men in the Church must be Spiritual Men – John’s Writings: A Renewed Call to Spirituality – Timothy an Instrument of the Divine Reaction – Weakness and Dependence the Ground for Spirituality – Strength through Grace – All Functions to be Spiritual, not Natural or Official – Endurance only Possible through Spiritual Measure
Chapter 3 – The Divine Resource
Christians are Super-men in Christ
Chapter 4 – The Retrospective Feature
“Remember Jesus Christ” – Christ the Embodiment of Godliness – Incorruptible Life in Christ – The Counter to Corruption – Christ’s Knowledge Spiritual, not Academic – Christ’s Influence Spiritual, Not Psychic
Chapter 5 – The Spiritual Basis of the Christian Life
Back to the Beginnings – The Gospel of Spirituality – A New Entity – Natural versus Spiritual – The Sovereignty of the Spirit – A New Faculty – The Significance of Pentecost
Chapter 6 – The Testimony Of Jesus
What is the Church? – The Church a Spiritual People – For what does the Church Exist? – The Living Presence of Jesus – Expressing the Nature of Christ – The Holy Spirit Governing from Heaven
Chapter 7 – The Responsibility of The Christian
The Christian as Trustee – The Christian as Warrior – (a) On Active Service – (b) With Undivided Interests – (c) Alongside of Others – The Christian as Athlete – The Christian as Craftsman

Austin-Sparks-God's Reaction to Man's Defections
Austin-Sparks-God's Reaction to Man's Defections
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