Austin-Sparks Unveiling of Jesus Christ

Austin-Sparks Unveiling of Jesus Christ

Austin-Sparks Unveiling of Jesus Christ
By Theodore Austin-Sparks

Austin-Sparks was a Baptist that left that group for a more Holiness standpoint, joining himself in England with others of this movement. His works are not detailed expositions of subjects but rather detail devotional works on those topics. This was the emotional emphasis of his time, and this comes through on all of his books which are many. In Austin-Sparks Unveiling of Jesus Christ the author reveals Christ as in explaining the book of Revelation.

In this work Austin-Sparks takes four chapters to “unveil” Jesus in the person of Jesus, in standard of Jesus, in the power of his person, and in the finality of Jesus.

Chapter 1 – Beginning in Revelation he looks at a survey of Bible history about people who personified Jesus or were types of Jesus. All of these people kind of “set the stage” for the person of the Christ.

Chapter 2 – In this chapter Austin-Sparks notes that because of the prevailing conditions, biblical characters often could not speak plainly about the truth, because the unsaved that persecuted them would have used it against them to kill them or persecute them. The ultimate point of God is he that overcometh will please God, and this struggle with evil forces that are set against us is not an accident by God, but by the very design of God.

Chapter 3 – In this chapter Austin-Sparks notes that the passover was a spiritual force in Israel, and Christ is our passover. It was a testimony of God’s protection in the face of adversity, and Jesus Christ is a testimony of God’s victory even in extreme persecution.

Chapter 4 – Again he is commenting on the Book Revelation, so it is a consummation, or a coming together or bringing together of things into a single group. Jesus Christ is the point of union in all of this.

Contents of Austin Sparks Unveiling of Jesus Christ

Part 1 – The Personal Greatness of the Son of Man
Part 2 – The Apocalyptic Method – A Challenge to Christians – The Intimate Association of Christ with Conditions – God’s Ultimate Standard
Part 3 – The Foundation of Recovered Testimony – The All-Uniting Ground – The All-Corrective Dynamic
Part 4 – The Consummation of the Ages – The Purpose of God in the Eternal Government of this World

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