Bartz {Presbyterian}- Existence after Death


In this seven chapter work by Bartz (Presbyterian), he examines death and the after life. Part of this study is a study into immortality, and what we know from the Bible of the intermediate state. He also addresses the resurrection from the dead, the Second coming of Christ (bringing judgment) the millennium, and two chapters on defining Heaven, and the other one on defining hell.

AIM: Presbyterian.
CIM: Eschatology, Afterlife.
Version: 1.1 June 13, 2014
Hours Editing: 2 hrs 10 min.


1. A Study of Death 7
2. Immortality, in the Bible and Out 17
3. What do we know of the INtermediate State? 27
4. The Resurrection from the Dead 37
5. The Second Coming- The Judgment- The Millennium 49
6. Heaven: Where is it, and What will its occupations be? Recognition of Friends 62
7. Hell: Why is it, and What makes it? 75

Bartz, Ulysses S  - Existence After Death
Bartz, Ulysses S - Existence After Death
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