Bonar, Horatius – Blood of the Cross

Blood of the Cross

Topic: Blood of the Cross

By Bonar, Horatius

In this 11 chapter work by Horatius Bonar (a Brethren writer), Bonar examines the blood of the cross. He looks at “who” killed Christ, in other words who is guilty of the blood of Christ, the accusation, Israel specifically, and the whole world. Then Bonar examines God’s view of that blood and sinful man’s view.


CHAPTER 1 The Accusation
CHAPTER 2 Israel Guilty
CHAPTER 3 The World Guilty
CHAPTER 4 God’s Controversy with the World
CHAPTER 5 What God Thinks Of This Blood

HE counts it as infinitely precious—more precious than all corruptible things such as gold and silver. Its value can only be measured by the greatness of Him from whom it flowed. Its efficacy, too, is boundless in His eyes… The blood that cleanseth must itself be clean; and such was this. Not only did He begin to make known to sinners that without shedding of blood there could be no remission of sin; but He began to declare His estimate of that blood, that man might learn that it was no common blood. Without that blood they were treated as outcasts, as men with whom Jehovah refused to deal, and to whom the privilege of even coming into His courts was denied. With that blood they might enter in; for that blood was their title to admittance—their only but their sufficient warrant for taking their place among the worshippers of Jehovah.  –exerpt

CHAPTER 6 Ways In Which God Proclaims Its Value
CHAPTER 7 The Careless Sinner
CHAPTER 8 The Thoughts Of The Awakened Sinner Concerning It
CHAPTER 9 The Thoughts Of The Saint Concerning It
CHAPTER 10 The Thoughts Of The Lost Soul Concerning It
CHAPTER 11 The Good News Concerning The Blood


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