Dyer, William – Christ’s Famous Titles

Christ’s Famous Titles

by William Dyer 1663


This work is a translation of William Dyer’s work ‘Christ’s famous titles’ first published in 1663 which ran through several editions through into the nineteenth century. Dyer, who died in 1696, was a Non-Conformist minister with Quaker sympathies, who was a minister at Chesham and Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire. The text was first translated by C. Maclauruinn for a Glasgow 1817 edition. It was clearly a popular work – five Gaelic editions were also published in Edinburgh between 1845 and 1894. Maclauruinn in his English preface opines that ‘it is neither a popular nor an elegant publication … but an evangelical one’. Dyer examines various famous titles for Christ. An excellent work!

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Dyer, William - Christ's Famous Titles
Dyer, William - Christ's Famous Titles
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