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William Kelly (1821 – 27 March 1906) was a prominent Irish member of the Plymouth Brethren, amongst whom he was a prolific writer. These are magazine articles.

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Ministry and publications

William Kelly

William Kelly (Brethren)

Kelly’s chief interest was in ministering spiritually to those whom he described as the “few despised ones of Christ’s flock.” He provided this service until two months before his death. He identified himself whole-heartedly with the body of doctrine developed by John Nelson Darby, whose right-hand man he was for many years, until he severed his connection and formed a faction which bore his name.

The Collected Writings of John Nelson Darby were edited by Kelly. Kelly also edited the writings of John Gifford Bellet. Kelly’s own writings contain lectures or notes on all the books of the Bible. The title-pages of Kelly’s works generally bore the initials “W. K.”. Several of his best-known expositions appeared during the last fifteen years of his life. Within Darby’s lifetime, Kelly was known to outsiders for his lectures on the Pentateuch, the Gospel of Matthew, the Revelation of John, the Church of God, and the New Testament doctrine of the Holy Spirit, besides notes on Romans. After 1890 he issued In the Beginning, commended by Archbishop Benson and expositions of the prophecies of Isaiah, of the Gospel of John, of the epistle to the Hebrews, of the epistles of John; a volume of 600 pages onGod’s Inspiration of the Scriptures and his last words on Christ’s Coming Again, in which he vindicates the originality of Darby’s teaching in regard to the Secret Rapture.

Kelly’s writings enjoyed the respect of scholars such as Henry Alford, Heinrich Ewald and George Anthony Denison.

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Kelly - Bible Treasury
Kelly - Bible Treasury
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