Luther, Martin – Smalcald Articles

The Smalcald Articles of Martin Luther (1537):

Introduction and Part.1: Concerning the Divine Majesty

Part 2: Articles which Refer to the Office and Work of Jesus Christ, or Our Redemption.

Article 1: His relationship to us

Article 2: Of the Mass

Article 3: Of Chapters and Cloisters

Article 4: Of the Papacy

Part 3: “Concerning the following articles we may [will be able to] treat with learned and reasonable men, or among ourselves…” – Luther.

Article 1: Of Sin

Article 2: Of the Law

Article 3: Of Repentence

Article 4: Of the Gospel

Article 5: Of Baptism

Article 6: Of the Sacrament of the Altar

Article 7: Of the Keys

Article 8: Of Confession

Article 9: Of Excommunication

Article 10: Of Ordination and the Call

Article 11: Of the Marriage of Priests

Article 12: Of the Church

Article 13: How One is Justified before God, and of Good Works

Article 14: Of Monastic Vows

Article 15: Of Human Tradition

Article 16: Subscriptions


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