Multiple – Demon Experiences in Many Lands

by Various Contributors
Colportage Library 427
Copyright ©, 1960

This work of 31 chapters is simply different chapters of experiences by missionaries and others with demonic activity from different countries around the world. Some chapters are Modern Demon Posession, Demonology, Saved and Delivered, Relpase? Under the curse, etc.

by The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago
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01. Chaos in a Locked Room
02. Delivered from Demon Possession
03. A Survey of the Situation: India
04. Prayer Was Not Enough: China
05. Strange Antics: Colombia
06. Night Noises: Mexico
07. An Experience in India
08. The Power of the Name
09. Strange Power: Ecuador
10. An Experience in Korea
11. A Séance in Bolivia
12. Isamva
13. Strange Actions and Long Weeks of Prayer
14. Saved and Delivered
15. Relapse?
16. Under the Curse
17. Was it Demon Power? (Japan)
18. Enemy in the Classroom
19. Demonology
20. Blessed But Demon Possessed
21. An Experience with Demons
22. Basutoland, Central Africa
23. A Witch Doctor Possessed
24. It Took Four Men to Hold Him
25. Experiences in Guatemala
26. A Low Animal-Like Moan
27. Experiences in Haiti
28. Christ the Victor
29. Spiritism in Brazil
30. Modern Demon Possession
31. Experiences in Palestine

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