Schafer {Baptist}- Trinitarian Outline


This is a single chapter work which are the doctrinal notes of Professor Schafer in his doctrines class in the 1960s. He begins with 21 summary declarations about the Trinity, then he proceeds on the sections: the NT doctrine, the OT implications, and the doctrinal explanation, and finally a chapter on the natural illustration.

AIM: Baptist, Schafer.
CIM: Theology Proper, Trinity.

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21 Summary Statements

I. NT Doctrine of the Trinity

A. A Plurality of Persons are Associated with God.

B. Three Persons are Declared to be God.

C. Three Persons Possess the Attributes and Characteristics of God.

D. Three Person Exercise the Prerogatives of God.

E. Three Persons Execute the Works of God.

II. The OT Implicatins of the Doctrine of the Trinity.

A. Implications of a Plurality in God.

B. OT Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah.

C. OT Doctrine of the Spirit of God.

III. The Doctrinal Explanation.

A. The Theological Statement.

B. Errors to Avoid.

IV. The Natural Illustration.

Schafer - Trinitarian Outline
Schafer - Trinitarian Outline
Version: 1
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