Spurgeon, C.H. – John Ploughman’s Talk

John Ploughman’s Talk; or, Plain Advice for Plain People

by C. H. Spurgeon

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: To the Idle

Chapter 2: On Religious Grumblers

Chapter 3: On the Preacher’s Appearance

Chapter 4: On Good Nature and Firmness

Chapter 5: On Patience

Chapter 6: On Gossips

Chapter 7: On Seizing Opportunities

Chapter 8: On Keeping One’s Eyes Open

Chapter 9: Thoughts about Thought

Chapter 10: Faults

Chapter 11: Things Not Worth Trying

Chapter 12: Debt

Chapter 13: Home

Chapter 14: Men Who Are Down

Chapter 15: Hope

Chapter 16: Spending

Chapter 17: A Good Word for Wives

Chapter 18: Men with Two Faces

Chapter 19: Hints as to Thriving

Chapter 20: Tall Talk

Chapter 21: Things I Would Not Choose

Chapter 22: Try

Chapter 23: Monuments

Chapter 24: Very Ignorant People

Spurgeon, C H  - John Ploughman's Talk Gbk
Spurgeon, C H - John Ploughman's Talk Gbk
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