Stevens, William Bacon – The Rainbow In The Cloud

The Rainbow in the Cloud, Or,

Covenant Mercy for the Afflicted

Various Authors

Edited by William Bacon Stevens, 1856

The Wilderness Wanderer by John East

Christ, a Man of Sorrows by Edward Payson

Songs in the Night Season by William Bacon Stevens

The Weaned Child! by Octavius Winslow

The Well-Spring in the Desert by James Buchanan (prayer in times of affliction)

Jesus Veiling His Dealings by Octavius Winslow

The Chastening Rod in the Father’s Hand by James Buchanan

Uses of Chastisement by James W. Alexander

The Stones of the Heavenly Temple Prepared on Earth by William Bacon Stevens

Covenant Promises Seen Through Tears by William Bacon Stevens

Silent Suffering by Philip Doddridge

Christ at Bethany by Robert Candlish

The Noontide Eclipse by William Bacon Stevens

The Setting Sun by William Bacon Stevens

Christ the Keyholder of the Eternal World by James Buchanan

The Compassionate High Priest by William Bacon Stevens

The Sun Going Down While Yet Day by John Newton

The White-Robed Throng! by Henry Venn

The Refuge from the Storm by Robert Leighton


Stevens-The Rainbow In The Cloud
Stevens-The Rainbow In The Cloud
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