Torrey, R.A. – How to Pray

How to Pray

Topic: How to Pray
By R.A.Torrey

This is a theWord module by R.A. Torrey (Congregationalist) on how to pray. He presents 11 chapters on the topic of Prayer, how to do it.


I. The Importance of Prayer
II. Praying unto God
III. Obeying and Praying
IV. Praying in the Name of Christ and According to the Will of God
V. Praying in the Spirit
VI. Always Praying and Not Fainting
VII. Abiding in Christ
VIII. Praying with Thanksgiving
IX. Hindrances to Prayer
X. When to Pray
XI. The Need of Prayer Before and During Revivals


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Torrey, R A - How To Pray (wlue777) Gbk
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