Wiseman {Methodist}- Biblical Perfection

Biblical Perfection

By Peter Wiseman
AIM: Methodist, Peter Wiseman.
CIM: Salvation, Sanctification.
Version: October 10, 2014

The Wesleyian tradition is that of Methodism. The basic concept here is that there is a usable “method” by which you can become holy. John Wesley promoted this along with the concept that perfection was fully possible on this side of glory. Perfectionism means that we can become sinless before our death. While all would fully agree that the Bible’s teaching is that we should strive to be holy, not all agree on the degree of total perfection (or sinless perfection) before one’s death. Wiseman presents this view.



Chapter 1 – Perfection Among Biblical Expressions
Chapter 2 – Perfection And Imperfections
Chapter 3 – Perfection That Is Biblical (A)
Chapter 4 – Perfection That Is Biblical (B)
Chapter 5 – Perfection Obtained
Chapter 6 – Perfection Inclusive
Chapter 7 – Perfection Involves Christlikeness Of Character

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