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Bellett-Strength from God: Meditations for our Time from Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

Strength From God: Meditations for Our Time From Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther

by John Gifford Bellett

Bellett-Strength from God: Meditations for our Time from Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

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Bellett, J G  - Strength From God (kotg) Gbk
Bellett, J G - Strength From God (kotg) Gbk
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Meyer – Christian Living v2

Christian Living

By F.B. Meyer

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Meyer-Christian Living v2
Meyer-Christian Living v2
Version: 2
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Meyer, F.B. – Christian Living Meyers

Christian Living Meyers

By F. B. Meyer

This Online Edition of “Christian Living” conforms as closely as possible to the text of the original “Christian Living” except for a few changes: (1) Roman numerals are replaced throughout with ordinary numerals, (2) certain words in THIS form are now in THIS form. I am not sure what exact year F. B. Meyer wrote this book, but it was somewhere around the early 1900’s.

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Meyer-Christian Living
Meyer-Christian Living
Version: 1
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Calvin-On the Christian Life

On the Christian Life

by John Calvin
from Institutes of the Christian Religion, Bk. 3, Ch. VI.
tr. by Henry Beveridge

This book treats of the Life of the Christian. Its five chapters are arranged as to admit of being classed under two principal heads.
First, it must be held to be an universally acknowledged point, that no man is a Christian who does not feel some special love for righteousness, chap. i. Second, in regard to the standard by which every man ought to regulate his life, although it seems to be considered in chap. ii. only, yet the three following chapters also refer to it. For it shows that the Christian has two duties to perform. First, the observance being so arduous, he needs the greatest patience. Hence chap. iii. treats professedly of the utility of the cross, and chap. iv. invites to meditation on the future life. Lastly, chap. v. clearly shows, as in no small degree conducive to this end, how we are to use this life and its comforts without abusing them.

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Calvin-On The Christian Life
Calvin-On The Christian Life
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