Bouvières, Jeanne Marie – A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents

Jeanne Marie Bouvières – A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents

This is a 19 chapter work on prayer, Methodology. Chapters are short.

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Bouvières, Jeanne Marie - A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents Gbk
Bouvières, Jeanne Marie - A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents Gbk
Version: 1
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Mackintosh, C.H. – Prayer and the Prayer Meeting

Prayer and the Prayer Meeting.

“Praying always with all prayer and supplications in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” — Eph. 6:18.
C. H. Mackintosh.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
{This paper has been, for some time, in circulation in America. It is now sent forth to the whole church of God — the body of Christ — with earnest prayer that the Holy Spirit may use it in stirring up the Lord’s beloved people everywhere, to give themselves with real purpose of heart to prayer, supplication, and intercession, in the closet, in the family, and in the assembly. I feel deeply impressed with the sense of the urgent need of this, and hence it is that I venture to offer these pages to the beloved flock of Christ. And I would affectionately entreat all who may read this book to give themselves to the precious service of intercession, and to seek to get others to do the same. Our God will hear and answer. Let us cry to Him, day and night, for the whole church, for our households, for the Lord’s work and His workmen, all over the earth. Let us meet together for this purpose as often as possible, and we shall assuredly get blessing for ourselves, and for our brethren, and our fellow-servants everywhere.}

Mackintosh, C H  - Prayer And The Prayer Meeting (wlue777) Gbk
Mackintosh, C H - Prayer And The Prayer Meeting (wlue777) Gbk
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Pinckey, C. – On Prayer

On Prayer
By Coty Pinckney

In this brief 3 chapter work on prayer, Pinckney suggests a plan of prayer, then has a chapter on perseverance in prayer, and finally one on the steps to Effective Prayer. These are basically three sermons on prayer. Continue reading

Pinckney-On Prayer
Pinckney-On Prayer
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Kulp, George – Callused Knees

Chapter 1: A Man Sent from God Whose Name was John
Chapter 2: Behold He Prayeth
Chapter 3: Preparation for Life Work
Chapter 4: Call to the Ministry
Chapter 5: Abundant in Labors
Chapter 6: Conquering and to Conquer
Chapter 7: A Student of the Word
Chapter 8: Travailing in Soul
Chapter 9: Victories in the Pastorate
Chapter 10: As a Personal Worker and Preacher
Chapter 11: Give Me Souls or I Die
Chapter 12: Obtaining More of God
Chapter 13: A Steward of the Mysteries of God
Chapter 14: The Manliness of the Man
Chapter 15: As God’s Revivalist
Chapter 16: A Partial Cessation From Labor
Chapter 17: Saving Souls From Death
Chapter 18: Cry Out and Shout, Thou Inhabitant of Zion
Chapter 19: Light in the Valley of the Shadow
Chapter 20: Conqueror in Death

Kulp, George - Callused Knees Gbk
Kulp, George - Callused Knees Gbk
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Morgan {Congregationalist}- The Practice of Prayer


To Marianne Adlard one of the hidden workers who endures as seeing him who is invisible and who in secret labours by intercession with those who preach the word.
This short 7 chapter work on prayer by Morgan (Congregationalist) presents us with the possibility, platform, plane and practice of prayer.

AIM: Congregationalist, G. Campbell Morgan.
CIM: Prayer.
Version: 1.1 June 13, 2014

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Morgan-the-practice-of-prayer Gbk
Morgan-the-practice-of-prayer Gbk
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