Tertullian-On Baptism

Tertullian-On Baptism

Tertullian-On Baptism
By Tertullian

A historic work on BaptismTertullian-On Baptism

Content of Tertullian-On Baptism

1. Introduction. Origin of the Treatise.
2. The Very Simplicity of God’s Means of Working, a Stumbling-Block to the Carnal Mind.
3. Water Chosen as a Vehicle of Divine Operation and Wherefore Its Prominence First of All in Creation.
4. The Primeval Hovering of the Spirit of God Over the Waters Typical of Baptism. The Universal Element of Water Thus Made a Channel of Sanctification. Resemblance Between the Outward Sign and the Inward Grace.
5. Use Made of Water by the Heathen Type of the Angel at the Pool of Bethsaida.
6. The Angel the Forerunner of the Holy Spirit Meaning Contained in the Baptismal Formula.
7. Of the Unction.
8. Of the Imposition of Hands. Types of the Deluge and the Dove.
9. Types of the Red Sea, and the Water from the Rock.
10. Of John’s Baptism.
11. Answer to the Objection that |The Lord Did Not Baptize.|
12. Of the Necessity of Baptism to Salvation.
13. Another Objection: Abraham Pleased God Without Being Baptized Answer Thereto. Old Things Must Give Place to New, and Baptism is Now a Law.
14. Of Paul’s Assetion, that He Had Not Been Sent to Baptize.
15. Unity of Baptism. Remarks on Heretical And Jewish Baptism.
16. Of the Second Baptism–With Blood.
17. Of the Power of Conferring Baptism.
18. Of the Persons to Whom, and the Time When, Baptism is to Be Administered.
19. Of the Times Most Suitable for Baptism.
20. Of Preparation For, and Conduct After, the Reception of Baptism.

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