Beauchamp {Brethren} – Days of Blessing in Inland China.


A tremendous record of the Cambridge Seven and J Hudson Taylor in Shan-si province, China during a period of revival. It contains first-hand accounts of the early ministries of C T Studd, Pastor Hsi, Cecil Polhill etc.

AIM: Brethren.
CIM: Church (Ecclesiology), Missions.
Version: 1.1 June 13, 2014


Introduction – by J Hudson Taylor
1. A Visit to Shan-si by J Hudson Taylor
2. Preliminary Meetings
3. Tuesday Morning, July 6th
4. Tuesday Evening, July 6th
5. Thursday Evening, July 8th
6. Friday Evening, July 9th
7. Monday Morning, July 12th
8. Monday Evening, July 12th
9. Tuesday Morning, July 13th
10. Wednesday Morning, July 14th
11. Journey of Hung-T’Ung by Stanley P. Smith
12. Hung-T’Ung Conference, August 1st & 2nd
13. The P’Ing-Yang Fu Conference, August 5th & 6th by Stanley P. Smith
14. A Visit to Pastor Hsi by Stanley P Smith
15. The Farewells by Stanley P. Smith
16. After the Conferences by Stanley P. Smith
17. Hope for the Future: A Letter from J. W. Stevenson
18. Since the Conferences by J. Hudson Taylor
19. Further Blessing
20. Testimony of George B. Studd
21. Letters from Hoh-Chau
22. Work North of the Great Wall
23. Work South of the Capital
24. The Conclusion

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Beauchamp, M - Days Of Blessing In Inland China
Beauchamp, M - Days Of Blessing In Inland China
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