Buchanan, James – A Meek and Quiet Spirit

“The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God” 1 Peter 3:4

A study on the concept of a meek and quiet Spirit, which is a spiritual treasure we all wish we had.

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The character which is so exquisitely delineated in these few simple words, is not the result of mere natural temperament or constitution — but the product of ripe and mature Christian experience. It is formed by slow degrees, under the teaching of God’s Word and Spirit, and the long-continued discipline of his providence. It is lamentably defective in many, whose personal religion cannot be charitably doubted — and is seldom acquired in the earlier stages of the Christian course. It resembles the mellow flavor and sweetness of fruit which has been fully matured, and is ready to be gathered.-James Buchanan

Buchanan, James - A Meek and Quiet Spirit (wlue777).gbk
Buchanan, James - A Meek and Quiet Spirit (wlue777).gbk
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