Miller, J.R. – Garden of the Heart

Garden of the Heart

J. R. Miller, 1906

This is a devotional type work about our Christian life.

See Special: Women

Section 1

A Heart Garden

The Awakening of Life’s Glory

The Servant of the Lord

Christ’s Call for the Best

What Christ Expects of Us

The Lesson of Perfection

Following Our Visions
Section 2

The One Thing to Do

As Living Stones

The Christian in the World

Witnesses for Christ

Guarded From Stumbling

The Bible in Life

The Making of a Home
Section 3

Guarding Our Trust

The Lesson of Rest

The Message of Comfort

On Being a Peacemaker

The Other Man

Making Our Report

Miller, J.R.-Garden of the Heart
Miller, J.R.-Garden of the Heart
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