Serle, Ambrose – Christian Husbandry

Christian Husbandry speaks of the duties and obligations of a Christian.


ALL visible Nature is but a Picture of the Grace of Christ. As every Work of GOD tends to effect or demonstrate the highest Goodness and Glory; so, therefore, the Creation and Arrangement of this World, having no sublimer End, were ordained to express his Bounty in the Salvation of Man. There is not an Object about us, but which declares the Nature, the Necessity, or the Perfection of that Salvation. The Wisdom of GOD is written upon every Substance and Property, or worked into their very Frame and Texture, in the most bright and indelible Characters. We may truly say, with the Poet,



Serle, Ambrose - Christian Husbandry Gbk
Serle, Ambrose - Christian Husbandry Gbk
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