Sibbes, Richard-Bruised Reed

The Bruised Reed
By Richard Sibbes

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Publishers’ Foreword
1. The Reed and the Bruising
Christ’s calling – How Christ pursues his calling –What it is to be bruised -The good effects of bruising
2. Christ Will Not Break the Bruised Reed
Christ’s dealings with the bruised reed – For ourselves – Who are the bruised reeds?
3. The Smoking Flax
Grace is little at first – Grace is mingled with corruption
4. Christ Will Not Quench the Smoking Flax
The least spark of grace is precious – Support the weak
5. The Spirit of Mercy Should Move Us
Simplicity and humility – Sound judgment – How those in authority should act – We are debtors to the weak
6. Marks of the Smoking Flax
Our rule is the covenant of grace – The presence of the. heavenly fire
7. Help for the Weak
Temptations which hinder comfort – Weakness should not keep us from duty
8. Duties and Discouragements
We should persist in duties – Overcoming discouragements – The source of discouragements – Some scruples removed – What are sins of infirmity?
9. Believe Christ, Not Satan
How we should think of Christ – When Christ seems to be an enemy – When doubt assails us
10. Quench Not the Spirit
False despair of Christ’s mercy – False hope of Christ’s mercy – Resisting Christ’s mercy – Presuming on Christ’s mercy – Seeking another source of mercy – Mistreating the heirs of mercy – Strife among the heirs of mercy – Taking advantage of the bruised – Despising the simple means of mercy
11. Christ’s Judgment and Victory
Christ’s judgment established in us – Christ’s mildness and his government – Pardon leads to obedience – Justification leads to sanctification
12. Christ’s Wise Government
Judgment and wisdom – The need for heavenly light – Where Christ’s government is set up – How Christ governs us – The effects of this in practice
13. Grace Shall Reign
Why Christ’s kingdom must prevail – Why the enemy seems victorious – Consolation for weak Christians – Evidences of Christ’s rule in us
14. Means to Make Grace Victorious
Rules for right judgment – Keeping our judgment clear – Reasons for seeming lack of progress – All should side with Christ
15. Christ’s Public Triumph
The open glory of Christ in his members – Follow sincerity and truth – Christ alone advances this government – We must not look to ourselves – Christ makes us feel our dependence The triumph of grace
16. Through Conflict to Victory
Why Christ’s government is opposed – We must expect opposition – Our victory in Christ is certain – Treasure the
least degree of grace – Encouragement to come to Christ – Christ is the hope of the church – Faith will prevail

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