Tozer, A.W. – Christ The Eternal Son

Christ the Eternal Son by Tozer is a 12 Chapter work examining the different aspects of Christ being the Eternal Son.


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Great is the Mystery
  4. Godhead never Divided
  5. The Self-Existent God
  6. Eternity in Man’s Heart
  7. The Redemptive Plan
  8. Divine Love Incarnate
  9. The Divine Intention
  10. The Divine Appointment
  11. The Essence of Faith
  12. The Gift of Eternal Life


If Dr. A.W. Tozer ever became impatient with his fellow Christians during his lifetime, it was because they showed too little inclination to think and to ponder and to meditate on eternity!
In the sermon which constitutes the first chapter of this book, Dr. Tozer was apparently chiding his hearers when he said: “If you do not engage in deep thinking, it may not seem so amazing, but if you have given yourself to frequent thoughtful consideration, you are astonished at the bridging of the great gulf between God and not God.”
Later, he spoke of his own practice of thoughtful meditation when he said: “I admit that I like to dream and dwell in my thoughts upon those ages long past.”
In the third chapter, speaking of sensitivity to divine truth, Dr. Tozer said: “We must meditate on the eternal nature of God in order to worship as we should.”
Then he added, openly chiding this time: ”Now, if you have one of those mousetrap minds, open and shut, you will casually remark: ‘It is all quite simple—that is the attribute of God called eternity. You will find it in a footnote on page 71 in So and So’s Systematic Theology. Now, let’s go out and have a soda.’”
In these chapters you will also find Dr. Tozer’s confession of his basic “spiritual philosophy.” Simply, it was this: “Everything is wrong until Jesus sets it right!”

Tozer, A W  - Christ The Eternal Son
Tozer, A W - Christ The Eternal Son
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