Armitage {Baptist}- History of the Baptists


In this 18 chapter work, Armitage looks at Baptists around the world and in the United States in many different periods. This work is basically a historical work on the Baptist presence around the world over time.

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CIM: Church History.
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1. The Colonial Period.?Pilgrims and Puritans
2. Banishment of Roger Williams
3. Settlement of Rhode Island
4. The Providence and Newport Churches
5. Chauncey?Knollys?Miles and the Swansea Church
6. The Boston Baptists
7. New Centers of Baptist Influence?South Carolina?Maine?Pennsylvania?New Jersey
8. The Baptists of Virginia
9. Baptists of Connecticut and New Yourk
10. The Baptists of North Carolina, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont and Georgia
11. Baptists and the Revolutionary War
12. The American Baptists and Constitutional Liberty
13. Foreign Missions?Asia and Europe
14. Other Baptist Missions?Foreign and Home
15. Preachers?Educators?Authors
16. Theological Seminaries?Literature?Revivals
17. Bible Translation and Bible Societies
18. Baptists in British America and Australia
In this 18 chapter work on Baptists, Armitage (Baptist) traces some of the Baptists in the colonies and England, and then in Baptist missions around the world. The work is older, so his update is limited to the time of his writing.

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