Worth {Unknown}- The Art of Candidating (Pastor Candidating)


The Art of (Pastor Candidating), looking for a new church to pastor. 13 chapters on a pastor candidating for a new church. Some of his chapters are pastoral changes, school of candidating, resigning a pastorate, qualities of a good candidate, etc. In this work, the author examines various elements in the process of finding a new pastor of a local church. Here he focuses on things which the candidate committee should be looking at and examining in order to present a really good candidate to the church family. The elements here are very important and essential in finding the right man.

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CIM: Church, Pastor.
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1. Introduction 1
2. Pastoral Changes 4
3. The School of Candidating . 17
4. Resigning a Pastorate . 25
5. Qualities of a Good Candidate . 30
6. Gaining Information Concerning Vacant Pastorates .47
7. Securing – a Consideration and a Hearing .58
8. Veil the Persons Whose Recommendation Will Have Influence . 71
9. The Candidate’s “General Attitude” 85
10. Candidating Sermons General Prophetic Preparation .97
11. Particular Characteristics of Candidating Sermons 104
12. The Evening Service, Pastoral Prater, and Scripture Lesson. 119
13. Conclusion 123


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Worth, Horace - Art Of Candidating
Worth, Horace - Art Of Candidating
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