Meyer – Tried by Fire


Expositions of the First Epistle of Peter

BY F.B. Meyers, B.A.

Tried by Fire is a commentary work based on 1Peter.

Table of Contents

1. The Prelude
2. The Inheritance
3. Kept
4. For Those in Heaviness
5. Christ Unseen But Loved
6. The Sufferings and Glories of Christ
7. Ye Shall Be Holy
8. Redeemed by Blood
9. Christian Love
10. God’s Newborn Babes & Their Food
11. The Precious Cornerstone
12. The Plea for a Blameless Life
13. God’s Slaves
14. Taking Things Patiently
15. The Footprints of the Flock
16. Woman’s Place in the Home
17. The Christian Temper
18. Suffering for Righteousness’ Sake
19. The Substitutionary Work of Christ
20. The Days of Noah
21. One with Him in Death
22. The Breath of Eternity
23. Love Covering Sins
24. The Motive of our Lives
25. Not So Strange
26. Unanswerable Questions
27. God’s Flock and Its Shepherds
28. The Garb of the Holy Soul
29. Care, and What to Do with It
30. Conflict
31. The Call to Eternal Glory

Meyer-Tried by Fire expositions  of 1Peter
Meyer-Tried by Fire expositions of 1Peter
Version: 2
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