MacDuff, John – The Christian’s Pathway (31 days)

MacDuff, John – The Christian’s Pathway (31 days) is a 31 day devotional work by Congregational MacDuff.

Table of Contents

1. The Important Command
2. The Promised Presence
3. Divine Recognition
4. The Voice from Heaven
5. The Mystical Union
6. Serving the Lord
7. The Patriarch’s Piety
8. The Comfort of Love
9. The Present Help
10. Spiritual Declension
11. The Great Concern
12. Communion <with God
13. The Contented Spirit
14. The Savior’s Commendation
15. The Faithful Promiser
16. Harmony Restored
17. The Cheering Assurance
18. The Day of trouble
19. Light out of ‘ Darkness
20. The Heavenly Race
21. The Heart Established
22. Rejoicing in God
23. The Sure Hope
24. Trusting in Christ
25. The Needful Duty
26. The Arduous Struggle
27. Gracious Dealings
28. Growth in Grace
29. Christian Consistency
30. The Glorious Appearing
31. The Blissful Consummation

MacDuff-The Christians Pathway 31-days
MacDuff-The Christians Pathway 31-days
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