Bonar, Andrew – Development of Antichrist


This is a short work by Bonar on the Antichrist. His chapters are the Personality of the Antichrist, the time of his appearing, his characteristics and durtion,his destruction and its consequence, conclusion.

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Biographical Note
1. The Personality of Antichrist
2. The Time of His Appearing
3. His Characteristics and Duration
4. His Destruction and Its Consequences

About Bonar

According to Barry Horner, Future Israel, “While Horatius Boner . . . is better known today as a nineteenth-century hymn writer, his overall ministry in Scotland was of far greater dimensions, both practically and scholarly, especially with regard to preaching and writing.”

Scottish born, Bonar graduated from the University of Edinburgh and then was ordained in the established Church of Scotland in 1838 and spent many years in Kelso. At the time of the “Disruption of 1843,” he left the Church of Scotland and joined the Free Church of Scotland. In 1853 Bonar earned the Doctor of Divinity degree from the University of Aberdeen, and in 1867 he moved to Edinburgh to assume the pastorate at Chalmers Memorial Church, named after one of his former professors, Dr. Thomas Chalmers. In 1883 he was elected Moderator of the General Assembly.

Dr. Bonar wrote over 600 hymns. One of his most important but probably least known is “O Israel, You Will Not Be Forgotten By Me,” based on Isaiah 44:21. We posted it on our Poetry Page.

But as Dr. Horner wrote, his preaching and writings are theologically of great importance. Bonar was a voluminous and popular author. He founded and edited The Quarterly Journal of Prophecy from 1848 to 1873. In 1847 he published the book reproduced here, Prophetical Landmarks: Containing Data for Helping to Determine the Question of Christ’s Pre-Millennial Advent. taken from

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