Vess – How to Win our Loved Ones to the Lord (Soulwinning)

Vess – How to Win our Loved Ones to the Lord (Soulwinning)

AIM: Methodist, Nazarene.
CIM: Church, Evangelism.

vess arthur How to Win our Loved OnesBy Arthur Vess (Nazarene)

This work by Nazarene author Arthur Vess explores the topic of evangelizing our loved ones, focusing on breaking the repetition of unsaved people having unsaved children. This is a practical work on evangelizing people for Christ.

Vess begings with evangelism as being our responsibility “and our last obligation”. Then he addresses the “how to do it?” question in a practical way.

After that Vess then has three additional chapters on “How to win an unsaved husband”, next “how to get saved” and finally when will the circle of unsaved having unsaved children that grow to parenthood and produce unsaved children again. He looks at God’s promise in Acts 16:31 of “thou shalt be saved and thy house.”

Although devotional, these short chapters could probably be read in less than 5 minutes each.

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Summary of How to Win our Loved Ones to the Lord

1. The Salvation Of Our Loved Ones Is Our First Responsibility And Last Obligation
2. But The Great Question Remains: How Shall We Win Our Loved Ones To Christ?
3. How To Win An Unsaved Husband
4. How To Get Saved
5. Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Vess- How to win our Loved ones Gbk
Vess- How to win our Loved ones Gbk
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  1. I think that this topic is very important for many christians. I don’t know much about the nazerenes, but the subject seems to be hit many of the people in my church.

    1. Hi Barry, The Nazarenes are a division off of Methodism, and basically they are very zealous of holiness, so this work should be very good too. — David Cox

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