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Abbott was an American clergyman, educator, and author, working in the textbook area, and at Mount Vernon School for Girls in Boston. He worked with the American Tract Society, and was a Presbyterian pastor.
Copyright: 1833.

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Section 1.
The Sutton Family
Deference to Parents
Section 2.
Speculation and suretyship
Decision of Character
Mutual Forbearance
Maxims on Waste
Female Dress
Sobriety and Moderation
Section 3.
Health and Sickness
Looking for Things in Wrong Places
Good Thoughts in the Midst of Business
Where There’s a Will There’s a Way
Correcting Mistakes
Conquest of Evil Tempers
Ill-gotten Goods
Section 4.
Changing Residences
Peace and Forgiveness
Kindness Among Neighbors
Courtship and Marriage
Care of Children
Family Prayer
Section 5.
Advice to Young Tradesmen
Section 6.
Helping One Another
Changing Employment
Respect to the Aged
Jesting, Foolishness
Christian Patriotism
Good and Ill Reports
Companions and Secrets
Government of the Tongue
Section 7.
Common Sense
Help and Pity
Maxims Against Sin
Section 8.
The Awful State of a Wicked Man
Sickness, Recovery, Death
True Riches
Crosses and Afflictions
The Widow and the Fatherless
Christian Contentment and Cheerfulness
Hints for Young People
Section 9.
Rules for Daily Conduct
Brothers and Sisters
Decision in Religion
Consistency with Religious Profession
Advice for Children
Remarks on Religious Education
My Own Way

Abbott–The Family At Home
Abbott–The Family At Home
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  1. Gorham Dummer Abbott Biography

    Gorham Dummer Abbott (September 3, 1807 – August 3, 1874) was an American clergyman, educator, and author. He was a significant figure in the movement to supply schools with textbooks, libraries, and educational journals. He was born in Hallowell, Maine, to Jacob and Betsey Abbott. In 1826, he graduated from Bowdoin College, and later attended Andover Theological Seminary. Starting in 1831, together with his brother Jacob Abbott, conducted the Mount Vernon School for Girls in Boston, Massachusetts. He left the school in 1833, and married Rebecca S. Leach on February 11, 1834. He was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church in 1837, and served as the pastor of the Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle, New York from 1837 through 1841. Beginning in 1841, he served with the literary department of the American Tract Society, a position he kept until 1843, when he went to New York City to found a new girls’ school. He took 40 of the students from this school and established the Spingler Institute for Girls in New York, which received significant endowments from Americans and Europeans through 1870. He also was a significant influence on Matthew Vassar in the matter of education of women. In 1870, he retired to Natick, Massachusetts, where he died in 1874. He was the author of several books, including: The Family at Home: or, Familiar Illustrations of the Various Domestic Duties (1834) and Mexico and the United States, Their Mutual Relations and Common Interests (1869). Who Was Who in America, Historical Volume, 1607-1896. Chicago: Marquis Who’s Who, 1963.

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