Multiple – Guide to Pre-marital Counseling


This is a 10 chapter work in which various authors put forth counsel for couples approaching or considering marriage.  Some speak of responsibilities and events and decisions that should be considered and dealt with before marriage.

CIM: Family.
Version: 1.1 June 13, 2014


Foreword to Pre-Marriage Guide
1. Responsibilities Of Being A Premarriage Counselor
2. Recommended Preparation For Leaders Prior To Counseling
3. Overview Of Pre-Marriage Counseling
4. A Sample Approach To Pre-Marriage Counseling
5. Pre-Marriage Counseling And Wedding Policies
6. Pre-Marriage Counseling And Wedding Process
7. Forms and Checklists for Pre-Marriage Counseling And/Or Wedding
8. First Letter And Forms Sent To Couple for Pre-Marriage
9. Second Letter And Forms Sent To Couple for Pre-Marriage
10. Additional Resources for Pre-Marriage Counseling
Recommended Bob Definbaugh’s study notes:
Ephesians 5, “The Meaning of Christian Marriage,” (Lesson 21).
I Corinthians 7, “Sex and the Spiritual Christian,” (Lesson 11)
I Corinthians 7, “The Relationship Between Spirituality and Sexuality,” (Lesson 12)
I Corinthians 7, “Spirituality and the Status Quo,” (Lesson 13)

Multiple-Guide for Pre-martial Counseling©
Multiple-Guide for Pre-martial Counseling©
Version: 1
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