Westcott – Holy Ghost that dwells within Us

Westcott Holy Ghost that dwells within Us

Westcott Holy Ghost that dwells within Us
By B.F. Westcott (Brethren)

This is a short brethren work on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

In his introduction he deals with “Who is the Holy Spirit?” and he defines and differentiates the Holy Spirit from other spirits out there, man’s spirit’s and angels and demons. He briefly defends that the Holy Spirit is a person at this point. In chapter 2 he looks at the baptism of the Holy Spirit or our spiritual birth into eternal life. In this he looks at three terms used, “born anew”, “born of water and of spirit”, and “born of the Spirit”.

In chapter 3 he looks at the Holy Spirit as being a fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy that he will make within us a Springing fountain, referring to the Holy Spirit. It is a joy, a satisfaction, and a renewed soul. Also he looks at the Spreading rivers comment, which is a great blessing of the Holy Spirit growing within us, blessing us more in amount and more in quality if that were possible.

In chapter 4 the Holy Spirit’s work as Comforter is discussed, and here the points are our position before God now that we are saved. Then our union with the Son’s affection and care. Next he discusses the “another” concept that Jesus has already been our Comforter. Then the eternal aspect, and that it is a Spirit of Truth. Then we are part of God. Finally we are part of the Spirit in a greater body of believers and fellow Spirit related people.

In chapter 5 he discusses the seal which is a fulfilled promise to the believer. Chapter 6 follows a lot of these thoughts with the Spirit as the fulfillment of a promise again.

In chapter 7 the anointing explained, and this is in relation to our cleansing from sin, and how through the Holy Spirit we are given ministries that were invalid to us before that.

In the 8th chapter he deals with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and he does not contend with the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement which he identifies as being wrong but comments that the Holy Spirit forms us into a body of Christ which receives its unity and direction from God instead of functioning independently. The body all operates under the head (Christ), but through the Holy Spirit which has baptized us into one body.

Contents of Westcott Holy Ghost that dwells within us

  1. Introductory
  2. The Spirit Birth
  3. The Springing Fountain and the Spreading Rivers
  4. The Comforter
  5. The Seal
  6. The Earnest
  7. The Anointing
  8. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
  9. Conclusion

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Westcott-Holy Ghost dwelleth in us
Westcott-Holy Ghost dwelleth in us
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