Bounds, E.M. – Reality of Prayer

Reality of Prayer

Reality of Prayer
by E.M. Bounds

Bound’s Reality of Prayer is a work that defines prayer as seen in the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. It looks at his life and prayer.

Table of Contents Reality of Prayer

1. Prayer
2. Prayer
3. Prayer
4. God has everything to do with Prayer
5. Jesus Christ, the Divine Teacher of Prayer
6. Jesus Christ, the Divine Teacher of Prayer (Continued)
7. Jesus Christ, An example of Prayer
8. Prayer Incidents in the Life of our Lord
9. Prayer Incidents in the Life of our Lord (Continued)
10. Our Lord
11. Our Lord
12. The Gethsemane Prayer
13. The Holy Spirit and Prayer
14. The Holy Spirit our Helper in Prayer


During the last 25 years of the nineteenth century and a score of years of the twentieth, there lived and died three great men of God whom I knew—men whom God has doubtless numbered among the foremost of His heavenly host. The first was Edward McKendree Bounds, author of this present volume and the other “Spiritual Life” Books. The second was Claud L. Chilton, minister for many years in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and a musical composer of religious music of considerable note. The third, Clement C. Cary, preacher and editor, lost his life in an automobile accident in 1922. The fourth was Dr. B. F. Haynes, minister, editor and author, who died in Nashville, in 1923.

What Dr. Thomas Goodwin, the Puritan, was to Strong, Arrowsmith and Sparstow; what John Wesley was to Whitefield, Fletcher and Clark, Bounds was to Chilton, Cary and Haynes. What David Brainerd’s Journal did for Cary, Martyn, McCheyne, Bounds’ books can do for thousands of God’s children. He was a man who lived ever on prayer ground. He walked and talked with the Lord. Prayer was the great weapon in his arsenal, his pathway to the Throne of Grace. None who read what he has written can fail of realising that Edward McKendree Bounds talked with God, as a man talketh to his friend.

Homer W. Hodge

Flushing, N.Y.

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