Orr-C-Incense from Golden Vials

It may be, that some reader of this little book may question and even deny that man may have such a sweet and intimate communion with God as herein described. If so, I would ask him not to deny, but merely to say that he is not acquainted with such a life. There are those who thus walk with God. This little treatise does not lift up an ideal life of prayer too high to be attained, but describes real facts as far as it lies in the ability of the author’s pen to describe them.

I would ask the reader to read slowly and thoughtfully. Especially would I have him meditate upon the quotations on the closing pages.

See Special: Women

It was not at all my intention to make this a thorough work on prayer. It is intended to be a book that you may pick up and peruse now and then, when you become dull and do not have as much appetite for prayer as you desire. My hope is that this little volume will prove an encouragement to all its readers, and a stimulus to increase their relish for communion with God.
Yours in sincere prayer,
Charles Orr


Orr-C-Incense From Golden Vials
Orr-C-Incense From Golden Vials
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Orr-C-Incense From Golden Vials
Orr-C-Incense From Golden Vials
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