A “CIM” is a Category Index Module, where library modules of a specific category are indexed. My CIMs are also a central place for me to put information. Rather than making links in each module to similar material in other modules, I have made a single TW module which holds links to all other files of the same nature.

Cost and Updates

All of the AIMs and CIMs are premium modules, and you will need to purchase them. Their price is more like the cost of a regular book.


Note that each AIM and CIM will begin as a version 1.0. Each time the major version number goes up (version 1.0 to version 2.0) you will have to purchase it again. This will happen about once every 3 to 5 years depending on how much material I am adding to them, and how large they are growing. While we are still at version 1, all minor version upgrades (version 1.0 to 1.1, 1.1 to 1.2, etc) are free, and if you purchase the module through our shopping cart system, your email address will be registered, and you will receive free a new email with every minor upgrade version with a new download link. I am planning on upgrading the minor versions about once very month to three months.

Listing of CIMS

*Note the CIM code will be added to each individual module in the library with parentheses(), and the AIM code will be added with brackets {}.

CIM Angelology (Angels)
CIM Anthology Works (Antho)
CIM Anthropology (Man)
CIM Apologetics (Apolg)
CIM Bible Characters (Bibchara)
CIM Bible Dictionary (Bibdic)
CIM Bible Handbooks (Handbk)
CIM Biblical Languages (BibLangs) Greek and Hebrew studies
CIM Bible Versions (Version)
CIM Bibliology Bible (Biblio)
CIM Christian Biographies (Chrbio)
CIM Christian Life (Chrlife)
CIM Christology Christ (Christ)
CIM Church Ecclesiology (Church)
CIM Church History (Chhist)
CIM Counseling (Counsel)
CIM Creation Evolution (Creation)
CIM Devotional Works (Dev)
CIM Dispensationalism (Disp)
CIM Doctrines (Doct)
CIM Eschatology Last Things (Escha)
CIM Family (Fam)
CIM Harmatology Sin (Sin)
CIM Jewish History (Jewhist)
CIM Manners Customs (Manner)
CIM Maps Atlas (Maps)
CIM NT Studies (NT Studies)
CIM OT Studies (OT Studies)
CIM Parables Types Symbols (Para)
CIM Pneumatology Holy Spirit (Hs)
CIM Prayer (Pray)
CIM Secular History (Hist)
CIM Sermons (Sermon)
CIM Soteriology Salvation (Save)
CIM Theology Proper (God)
CIM Whole Bible Testament Commentaries (Cmt)

 Development Plans

At this point, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am going through the library in different ways, “filling in” informational gaps, as well as registering and updating the AIMs and CIMs. At this point, I am basically only concerned with getting every module registered, and then once that is done, I will go back and work on registering each topic or chapter in the CIMs. In a few instances, I am also filling in some of these so you will see how this works (like in Bible Characters). Please, be patient as I work through the Library many times over. Once I get all that done, then I will start looking at what I have, and analyzing where there are gaps in information, and working on finding new modules to add that would address these gaps of information, or sparse information on certain themes or topics.

AIMs and CIMs are Premium Modules.

All of the AIMs and CIMS are premium modules and their cost will run between $15 to $50 each. These are “Index Modules” so their principal purpose will be to register the other modules according to an affiliation and a category.

Note: You want to purchase these quickly. Why?

First of all, their price is relational to the quantity of information in the module, i.e. they will be cheaper at the beginning, and slowly over time they will be creeping up in price. I am starting out registering all the modules month by month (from the old website). At first their price will be low (probably starting at $15 each). I will work in all of them slowly, little by little, and each new month’s modules will also be registered. As the module’s contents and material grows, its price will increase. Probably every month or two, I will post a version update. Those who buy the modules from me (no copying allowed, and it is not in your best interests either) will do so through my website’s shopping cart system. When I post a new version, that software will send out an email to all registered buyers of that particular module with a new download link so that you can keep upgrading constantly these index modules.

Version changes: Note that every time I change a major version number in an AIM or CIM, (for example, from version 1.29 to 2.0) you will have to repurchase the module again. Every minor version change (such as from version 1.3 to 1.4) you will get a free upgrade. At this point, I am planning on making a major version change every 3 to 5 years.

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