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Berkhof {Presbyterian}- Summary of Christian Doctrine

Summary of Christian Doctrine

Christian Doctrine. In this 22 chapter doctrines book, Berkhof (Presbyterian and Reformed) looks at some typical systematic theology themes: Revelation, Scripture, Nature-Names-Attributes of God, the Trinity, Creation, Divine Decrees, Providence, Man, Sin, States and offices of Christ, Salvation and Sanctification.

by Louis Berkhof

Table of Contents:
Part I: Introduction:
Chapter 1: Religion
Chapter 2: Revelation
Chapter 3: Scripture
Part II: The Doctrine of God and Creation
Chapter 4: The Essential Nature of God
Chapter 5: The Names of God
Chapter 6: The Attributes of God
Chapter 7: The Trinity
Chapter 8: The Divine Decrees
Chapter 9: Creation
Chapter 10: Providence
Part III: The Doctrine of Man in Relation to God
Chapter 11: Man in His Original State
Chapter 12: Man in the State of Sin
Chapter 13: Man in the Covenant of Grace
Part IV: The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ
Chapter 14: The Names and Nature of Christ
Chapter 15: The States of Christ
Chapter 16: The Offices of Christ
Chapter 17: The Atonement Through Christ
Part V: The Application of the Work of Redemption
Chapter 18: The Common Operation of the Holy Spirit: Common Grace
Chapter 19: Calling and Regeneration
Chapter 20: Conversion: Repentance and Faith
Chapter 21: Justification
Chapter 22: Sanctification and Perseverance


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Berkhof - A Summary Of Christian Doctrine
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