Schafer {Baptist}- Trinitarian Outline


This is a single chapter work which are the doctrinal notes of Professor Schafer in his doctrines class in the 1960s. He begins with 21 summary declarations about the Trinity, then he proceeds on the sections: the NT doctrine, the OT implications, and the doctrinal explanation, and finally a chapter on the natural illustration.

AIM: Baptist, Schafer.
CIM: Theology Proper, Trinity.

Version: 1.1 June 29, 2014
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Schafer - Trinitarian Outline
Schafer - Trinitarian Outline
Version: 1
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Berkhof {Presbyterian}- Summary of Christian Doctrine

Summary of Christian Doctrine

Christian Doctrine. In this 22 chapter doctrines book, Berkhof (Presbyterian and Reformed) looks at some typical systematic theology themes: Revelation, Scripture, Nature-Names-Attributes of God, the Trinity, Creation, Divine Decrees, Providence, Man, Sin, States and offices of Christ, Salvation and Sanctification.

by Louis Berkhof

Table of Contents:
Part I: Introduction:
Chapter 1: Religion
Chapter 2: Revelation
Chapter 3: Scripture
Part II: The Doctrine of God and Creation
Chapter 4: The Essential Nature of God
Chapter 5: The Names of God
Chapter 6: The Attributes of God
Chapter 7: The Trinity
Chapter 8: The Divine Decrees
Chapter 9: Creation
Chapter 10: Providence
Part III: The Doctrine of Man in Relation to God
Chapter 11: Man in His Original State
Chapter 12: Man in the State of Sin
Chapter 13: Man in the Covenant of Grace
Part IV: The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ
Chapter 14: The Names and Nature of Christ
Chapter 15: The States of Christ
Chapter 16: The Offices of Christ
Chapter 17: The Atonement Through Christ
Part V: The Application of the Work of Redemption
Chapter 18: The Common Operation of the Holy Spirit: Common Grace
Chapter 19: Calling and Regeneration
Chapter 20: Conversion: Repentance and Faith
Chapter 21: Justification
Chapter 22: Sanctification and Perseverance


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Berkhof - A Summary Of Christian Doctrine Gbk
Berkhof - A Summary Of Christian Doctrine Gbk
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Berkhof - A Summary Of Christian Doctrine
Berkhof - A Summary Of Christian Doctrine
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