Suso, Henry – A Little Book of Eternal Wisdom

Suso, Henry – A Little Book of Eternal Wisdom

Little Book of Wisdom is a three part work, the first part has 20 chapters on the cross, hell, heaven, etc. on loving God, and 7 devotions. I am not sure if this is from a Catholic point view work. Chapter 17. On The Unutterable Heart-Rending Grief of The Pure Queen of Heaven.


Part the First.
1. How some persons are unconsciously attracted by God.
2. What happened before the Crucifixion.
3. How it was with him on the Cross according to the Exterior Man.
4. How very faithful his passion was.
5. How The Soul Attains Hearty Repentance and Gentle Pardon Under the Cross.
6. How deceitful the love of this World is, and How Amiable God is.
7. How Lovely God is.
8. An Explanation of the 3 things which most of all might be likely to be repugnant to a loving heart in God.-1. How he can appear so wrathful and yet be so gracious.
9. The Second Thing –Why God, After Rejoicing The Heart, Often Withdraws Himself From His Friends, By Which His True Presence is Made Known.
10. The Third Thing.–Why God Permits His Friends To Suffer So Much Temporal Suffering.
11. On The Everlasting Pains of Hell.
12. On The Immeasurable Joys of Heaven.
13. On The Immeasurable Dignity of Temporal Suffering.
14. On The Unspeakable Advantages to Be Derived From Meditating on The Divine Passion.
15. From The Fond Caresses Which The Soul Has Has With God Beneath The Cross, She Returns Again To His Passion.
16. On The Worthy Praise of The Pure Queen of Heaven.
17. On The Unutterable Heart-Rending Grief of The Pure Queen of Heaven.
18. How It Was With Him At That Hour in Regard of His Interior Man.
19. On The Taking Down From the Cross.
20. On The Lamentable Separation of the Grave.

The Second Part

21. How We Should Learn to Die, And of The Nature of An Unprovided
22. How One Should Live An Interior and Godly Life.
23. How We Ought Lovingly To Receive God.
24. A Prayer To Be Said When Thou Goest To Receive Our Lord’s Holy Body.
25. How We Should At All Times Praise God.

The Third Part One hundred Meditation and Prayers comprised in a few words.

On Sunday, or At Matins.
On Monday, or at Prime.
On Tuesday, or at Tierce.
On Wednesday, or at Sext.
On Thursday, or at None.
On Friday, or at Vespers.
On Saturday, or at Compline.

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