Meditations on the Song of Solomon.

Andrew Miller.
Fourth Edition.
“My meditation of him shall be sweet.”Psa_104:34.

Chapter One. Song of Solomon 1

Chapter Two. Song of Solomon 2

Chapter Three.Song of Solomon 3

Chapter Four. Song of Solomon 4

Chapter Five. Song of Solomon 5

Chapter Six. Song of Solomon 6

Chapter Seven. Song of Solomon 7

Chapter Eight. Song of Solomon 8

“Song o’er all songs transcendent; Mighty theme!
Amid the lovely, lovelier still.
Amid the lofty, more majestic still,
More richly, more seraphically fraught
With music from the everlasting hills –
In awe, in reverence, and yet with joy,
Turn we to listen to thy sacred tones;
And from the world and the world’s din removed,
In sweet retirement, from the Book of God,
To cherish contemplation on each line,
Replete with meanings high and wonderful,
Indited by the Lord, the Comforter!”
Metrical Meditations.

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