Malan-Spiritual Devotion and Service

This is a 32 article work on Spiritual Devotion and Service. Some of his chapters are Are you a living letter from God, the Corn of Wheat must Die, Persevere in Faith, the importance of Prayer, Testing the spirits, etc.
1. Are You a Living Letter From God
2. The Corn of Wheat must Die
3. A Winning Plan For Life
4. Works of Faith at a Mission Station
5. Death-bed Experiences
6. God's Kingdom
7. Africa Bible Commentary: A Review
8. Human Reactions during Times of Severe Distress
9. Persevere in Faith
10. The Importance of Prayer
11. Challenges to True Evangelists
12. Spiritual Heritage of the Waldenses
13. True and Deceived Followers of Jesus
14. We Cannot be under Law and under Grace
15. A Storm out at Sea
16. The Good Samaritan
17. Privileges and Responsibilities of the Bride of Christ
18. Three Steps to Higher Heights
19. God's People in the New Testament
20. The Children of God and the Children of the Devil
21. Angus Buchan: Evangelist or Revivalist?
22. God's Commandments in the New Testament
23. Commands and Promises to the Disciples of Christ
24. Human Completeness: Body, Soul and Spirit
25. The Twelve Final Pronouncements of the Bible
26. The Requirements and Characteristics of Discipleship
27. Gems from the Treasury of Scripture
28. Testing the Spirits
29. Christ as our Saviour and Advocate
30. Doubts, Trials, and Attacks by the Enemy
31. Demands of the End-time Conflict
32. Stumbling-blocks on the Way to Sanctification
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