Spring, G.-Attraction Of The Cross


1. The Narrative of the Cross
2. The Truth of the Cross
3. The Cross an Effective Propitiation for Sin
4. The Cross the Only Propitiation
5. The Actual Purpose of the Cross
6. The Cross Accessible
7. The Cross a Completed Justification
8. Faith in the Cross
9. The Inquiring Sinner Directed to the Cross
10. A Stumbling-block Removed
11. The Greatness of Sin No Obstacle to Salvation by the Cross
12. The Holiness of the Cross
13. The Religion of the Cross, in Distinction from Religions That Are False and Spurious
14. The Cross the Test of Character
15. The Cross the Preservation from Final Apostasy
16. Full Assurance of Hope at the Cross
17. The World Crucified by the Cross
18. All Things Tributary to the Cross
19. The Cross the Admiration of the Universe
20. The Triumphs of the Cross
21. The Sinner’s Excuses Refuted by the Cross
22. The Cross Rejected, the Great Sin
23. Conclusion
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DateApril 14, 2017
AuthorSpring, Gardiner
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