Guyon-A Short And Easy Method Of Prayer Gbk

Guyon-A Short And Easy Method Of Prayer Gbk by Madam Guyon, Guyon-A-Short-and-Easy-Method-of-Prayer.gbk_.twm (179.0 KiB) - This is a short 23 chapter work on prayer by Madam Guyon. Although she has a number of chapters, most are not a full page long.

1. The Method of Prayer
2. The First Degree of Prayer
3. The Second Degree of Prayer
4. Of Spiritual Aridity
5. Of Self-Surrender
6. Of Sufferings
7. Of Mysteries
8. Of Virtue
9. Of Mortification
10. Of Conversion
11. Of the Presence of God
12. Of Rest before God
13. Of Inward Silence
14. Of Confession and Self-examination
15. Of Reading and Vocal Prayer
16. Of Petitions
17. Of Defects or Infirmities
18. Of Distractions and Temptations
19. Of Self-Annihilation
20. The Noble Results of this Species of Prayer
21. Of Internal Acts
22. To Pastors and Teachers
23. Of the way to attain Divine Union