Alphonus- Uniformity with Gods Will

Alphonus- Uniformity with Gods Will by Alphonus, Version 1, alphonus-uniformity-with-gods-willcounsel01-11catholic.gbk_.twm (472.0 KiB) - Catholic, This is an old Catholic work on the will of God.

Alford-trinity(trini){baptist} Gbk

Alford-trinity(trini){baptist} Gbk by Alford, alford-trinitytrinibaptist.gbk_.twm (611.0 KiB) - This is a 17 page examination and defense of the doctrine of the Trinity. Alford examines Christ's humanity as well as his divinity. Specifically Alford establishes Christ's divine traits (omniscience, wisdom, omnipresence, immutability, omnipotence, equality with the Father, deity), and then he examines issues of the trinity, plurality of the Godhead, number of persons in the Godhead, the Father-Son-Spirit are one God. Then Alford examines the consequences of this doctrine, specifically in the light of the Unitarian's denial of it, and finally Alford examines criticisms of the Trinity.