Pink-Divine Inspiration Of The Bible Gbk

Pink-Divine Inspiration Of The Bible Gbk by Arthur Pink, Pink-Divine-Inspiration-of-the-Bible.gbk_.twm (831.0 KiB) - This is a 14 chapter work on the Divine inspiration of Scripture looking at the character and quality of God's Word, Verbal inspiration.
1. There Is a Presumption in Favor of the Bible
2. The Perennial Freshness of the Bible Bears Witness to its Divine Inspirer
3. The Unmistakable Honesty of the Writers of the Bible Attests to its Heavenly Origin
4. The Character of its Teachings Evidences the Divine Authorship of the Bible
5. The Fulfilled Prophecies of the Bible Bespeak the Omniscience of its Author
6. The Typical Significance of the Scriptures Declare Their Divine Authorship
7. The Wonderful Unity of the Bible Attests its Divine Authorship
8. The Marvelous Influence of the Bible Declares its Super-Human Character
9. The Miraculous Power of the Bible Shows Forth That its Inspirer Is the Almighty
     I. The Power of God's Word to Convict Men of Sin.
     II. The Power of God's Word to Deliver Men From Sin.
     III. The Power of God's Word Over the Human Affections.
10. The Completeness of the Bible Demonstrates its Divine Perfection
11. The Indestructibility of the Bible Is a Proof that its Author Is Divine
12. Inward Confirmation of the Veracity of the Scriptures
13. Verbal Inspiration
14. Application of the Argument
     I. We Need to Seek God's Forgiveness.
     II. It Is the Final Court of Appeal.
     III. It Is the Ultimate Standard for Regulating Conduct.
IV. It Is a Sure Foundation for Our Faith. V. It Has Unique Claims Upon Us.

Thomas-Biblical Hermeneutics Foundational Considerations

Thomas-Biblical Hermeneutics Foundational Considerations by Dr. Robert Thomas, Version 1, Thomas-Biblical-Hermeneutics-Foundational-Considerations.gbk_.twm (173.0 KiB) - A gradual drift from confidence in the integrity of the Bible is well underway. A vast portion of Christendom does not adhere to belief in the verbal (every word) plenary (in every section) inspiration (God-breathed) and thus inerrancy of God’s word. Believers with a high view of inspiration need to face this reality as David faced Goliath—not intimidated, but ready to take up the challenge.

Gray-j-m-inspiration-of-the-bible(bibliology){episcopalian} Gbk

Gray-j-m-inspiration-of-the-bible(bibliology){episcopalian} Gbk by Gray, J.M., Version 1, gray-j-m-inspiration-of-the-biblebibliologyepiscopalian.gbk_.twm (442.0 KiB) - This is a short 4 chapter work by Dr. Gray. His works are very scholarly. He examines the definition of Inspiration, the Extent, the Proof, and then difficulties and objections to Inspiration.

Gray, J.M. – The Inspiration of the Bible: Definition, Extent and Proof

Gray, J.M. - The Inspiration of the Bible: Definition, Extent and Proof by Gray, James M., Version 1, gray-j-m-inspiration-of-the-biblebiblioepiscopalian.gbk_.twzip (278.3 KiB) - This work is an examination of the Inspiration of Scriputre in four chapters.
The Inspiration of the Bible — Definition, Extent and Proof
1. Definition of Inspiration
2. Extent of Inspiration
3. Proof of Inspiration
A. Argument for the Old Testament
B. Argument for the New Testament
C. Argument for the Words
4. Difficulties and Objections