Multiple-Guide for Pre-martial Counseling©

Multiple-Guide for Pre-martial Counseling© by Multiple Authors, Version 1, multiple-guide-for-pre-martial-counseling©family.gbk_.twm (362.0 KiB) - This is a 10 chapter work in which various authors put forth counsel for couples approaching or considering marriage.  Some speak of responsibilities and events and decisions that should be considered and dealt with before marriage.

Spring, G-Christian Parenting

Spring, G-Christian Parenting by Spring, Gardiner , Version 1, Spring-Gardiner-Christian-Parenting1-wlue777.topx (75.0 KiB)

Spring-Christian Parenting

Spring-Christian Parenting by Spring, Gardiner , Version 1, Spring-Gardiner-Christian-Parenting1-wlue777.gbk_.twm (148.0 KiB)