Cole – Definitions of Doctrine

Cole - Definitions of Doctrine by Cole, C.D., Version 1, cole-definitions-doctrinedoctrine.gbk_.twm (2.1 MiB) - INTRODUCTION
Authors Forward
1. The Being of God
2. God' Mode of Being
3. The Names of God
4. The Decrees of God
5. The Word of God
6. The Attributes of God (Introductory)
7. The Infinity of God
8. The Independency of God
9. The Immutability of God
10. The Knowledge of God
11. The Foreknowledge of God
12. The Power of God
13. The Grace of God
14. The Grace of God (Continued)
15. The Grace of God (Concluded)
16. The Mercy of God
17. The Faithfulness of God
18. The Wisdom of God
19. The Love of God
20. The Will of God
21. The Sovereighty of God
22. The Longsuffering of God
23. The Holiness of God
24. The Providence of God
26. The Silence of God